The most important fact that most homebuyers and sellers fail to realize is that no home is perfect, regardless of its age. 100 years old or brand-new construction, most homes have issues that may need to be addressed to insure its integrity. Understanding this fact and being prepared to discover imperfections during the inspection process is an important mindset when buying or selling. Expecting a home to be “perfect” prior to purchase or sale is unrealistic and could potentially undermine the success of the transaction.


Understanding your own expectations and limitations can be crucial when choosing a home that is right for you and your family. For example: Older homes tend to have more inherent issues than newer homes. This would potentially entail more periodic repair, replacement and/or maintenance costs. It could also mean pre-existing issues such as asbestos, lead piping, poor basement and/or attic ventilation, etc. If this sounds overwhelming, maybe an older home is not right for you.


Our goal at E&E inspect is to provide a non-biased detailed written report that describes and profiles the elements and components of the home and provides an itemized summary of the material defects noted during the inspection. We also educate customers on the necessary ongoing maintenance and upkeep to extend and preserve the home’s integrity. Our duties do not include coaching or helping to negotiate on behalf of either the buyer or seller for the purpose of assigning responsibility financial or otherwise for correction of the material defects stated in the report. We also do not offer client referrals to contractors for the purpose of correcting stated material defects as we consider this to be a conflict of interest.

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